As some of you know, Julian originally was in the hospital the first time back in November for 10 days. He had been released for all of 5 days, and ended up having to go back. Well what you all don’t know is that we have also been going through a horrible injustice, and would like your help...Once you’ve read our story, we hope you will be just as outraged as we are, and you will write in and give your opinion of what YOU think about Dave, myself (ChargerJenn) and what you all have seen of our family. What you will read below, is what I wrote as a blog as a way of venting, because I had nowhere to go with my emotions. I apologize in advance for its length, but in order to give you the full scope of the horror we are going through...

Thank you,
Jenniffer & Dave Harris


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Gosh, where do I begin? It was a very LOOONG weekend for us, not to mention traumatic day. We received a phone call from a Social Worker on Sunday morning (12/6) because the Dr. at USC apparently reported Julian’s injury on his ear as child abuse. UNBELIEVABLE! So here is the story from the beginning, from when we first took Jules to the hospital. If you know the back story, then go down about 5 paragraphs and it will begin to tell you about the HELL we went through on Sunday (12/6).

As you may know, Julian’s RIGHT ear was a bit swollen around 11/17, and we weren’t alarmed right away because he didn’t have a fever, he was eating well, and sleeping well. He and Reagan had their 2 month appointment on 11/19, and we brought them in. As soon as our pediatrician saw Julian, he immediately took him and said that he had Mastoiditis, which basically is an undiagnosed ear infection that infects the head. He immediately hospitalized Julian, put him on IV antibiotics, and was there for 10 days.

On day 9 our pediatrician was able to convince the surgeon at our local hospital to drain his ear. (For some reason, at our local hospital no one wanted to touch Julian’s Ear.) Which our pediatrician had already warned us about and that it would mean sending him to children’s hospital.

On day 7 or 8, WHILE IN THE HOSPITAL we noticed his LEFT ear starting to swell a little bit. We were all perplexed because of all the antibiotics. Our Dr. said to just keep an eye on it.

Well, as I said on day 9 they finally drained the right ear, minimal pus, blood and debris. More antibiotics, and Sunday day 10, our pediatrician called and said we could take him home.

On Monday day 11 (11/30/09) we went to our pediatrician for follow up. We spent about an hour with the Doctor (which is a miracle to get 10 minutes with a doc now a days), and he referred us to an Ear nose and throat doc for Julian’s snorty breathing issues, and to look more in his ears. Our pediatrician said to keep an eye on both ears, and if either swells really badly then to bring him back and at worst we would just admit him back into our local hospital. The Doctor thought that Julian maybe has cysts in his ears. If I remember correctly, he was quite adamant that that is what he thought it could be.

So we went home, life as usual, so happy to have Julian home, then Friday morning (12/4), his LEFT ear that had begun swelling a little IN THE HOSPITAL, had all of a sudden swelled up big like his right ear had. Dave took him to the E.R. and spent 12 hours there. The docs were baffled, and since our pediatrician was convinced that Julian needed a specialist (that apparently the town we live in is lacking! Which is scary!), decided that Children’s hospital in L.A. was where he needed to go.

We dreaded that because as it was, when Jules was here at the local hospital we weren’t able to visit with him a lot because of the kids not being allowed in the hospital, and having the one van, and of course having 6 other kids to tend too with school and life etc. So having him an hour away was devastating, but we wanted what’s best.

They transferred Julian to USC Medical Center Saturday Morning. We received a phone call from the ear nose throat specialist stating that he needed consent to drain his ear immediately. That it could lead to deformity of the ear if we don’t drain it. He basically explained that it was like Cauliflower Ear. I was like what the heck is that? So we consented, and then I went and looked it up.

I was confused. That was TOTALLY different from what he was diagnosed with on his other ear. That Dr. Called back after the procedure and told us it went well. We asked how this happens, and he explained that it can only happen if he had trauma to the ear. We were perplexed. How can this be? We asked if it’s something he could have done to himself, because he flailed his arms quite a bit, at times hitting himself in the face. The Dr. answered vehemently, NO, he couldn’t do this to himself, and it was done to him.

We get off the phone and start to realize they are thinking we did something to Julian, and Sunday morning as we are getting ready to go down to L.A. to see Julian, we receive a phone call from a social worker stating that he needs to interview us and the kids, because Julian’s injury has been filed as Child Abuse.


Unbelievable. We ask if we are still able to see Julian, he said yes…supervised. WHAT?!?!?! We get to the hospital, and walk in the door, with our supervision. We just stood next to the bed, staring at our little boy and his cut open ear. All I wanted to do was hold him, and I could not.

He started fussing and crying, and this nurse came in asking the supervising nurse already in the room with us,

“What happened?, Why is he crying? What’s going on?”

The supervising nurse didn’t say much, other than she thinks he may be hungry. The nurse asking all the questions comes back with formula and again asks:

#1 “What happen, why was he crying so badly?”
#2 “I think he is hungry”
#1 “No no, that cry was Angry cry, not hungry cry, what happened to him, he was upset, he was fine earlier.”

Ok, I am livid at this point, because this nurse is basically insinuating that there is something wrong with Julian because of us being there. I wanted to punch her in the face. But figured that probably wouldn’t help our cause.

I am so upset, and I can’t even hold my child, feed my child, change my child, and comfort my child. NOTHING, like I was a common criminal. I had to stand back and watch these nurses do it all.

Social worker arrives, and interviews Dave and I separately, informing us about what the accusation is, and how basically he needs to investigate the matter, worst case scenario, all the kids need to go to Foster care today.


We couldn’t believe this was happening to US!

I explained to the social worker and the Dr’s how important it was that they get the hospital records for Julian from his 10 stay, which includes the notes of Julian’s left ear starting to swell while he was IN THE HOSPITAL.

Thank GOD for our pediatrician, the social worker called him, and spoke with him, while Dave and I stared at Julian…. while someone stared at us.

The social worker came in and said he spoke with the Julian’s pediatrician that treats him and treated him in our local hospital and that the swelling DID start in the hospital. Therefore reiterating our story that we didn’t hurt Julian. At that point he took the hold off, so we didn’t have to be supervised at the hospital.

Unfortunately he still has a job to do, so even while our pediatrician cleared that up, he still has to investigate. He went and talked to the kids, and seemed apparently satisfied because the kids were still home with us. The Social worker then tomorrow (12/7) has to talk to the Dr. that reported the alleged abuse, as well as the body scan to make sure he doesn’t have old broken bones etc.
THEN we will be cleared.

This is soooo insane. I understand that there is a system in place for a reason, but it’s so horrible being on the other end of that. You feel so humiliated and bad, like a leper, as you walk the hallways and into the room all eyes are on you because they think how horrible of a person you must be that you hurt a 2 month old baby. Now I know and YOU all know we didn’t, but it’s all those other people, the people who you have to prove your innocence too. Guilty until proven innocent. That’s how we felt today (12/6).

Julian is doing well since they drained the ear. He will have to be there for about a week, to make sure it doesn’t fill with fluid again, and to make sure that they won’t have to drain it again. This sucks, because although I am ECSTATIC that I get to hold my precious baby boy again, we won’t be able to realistically see him all week. And that BREAKS my heart.

Between the other 6 kids, their school, life at home, and the one van that runs like CRAP, not to mention all the gas money, and the fact that kids are not allowed at the hospital because of the H1N1 virus, it will most likely be Friday or Sat before I get to see my precious baby boy. And not to mention that I have to continually explain our situation to the different nurses, who, when I call, ask “When are you coming? Are you coming soon?” And make us feel like parents that don’t care. They don’t realize how tough this is.

Anyhoo, that’s our traumatic weekend. It can only get better right? Thanks for your prayers, they mean so much. Sorry so long, but I wanted to fill the gaps for those just joining us. lol




So just when we thought things couldn’t get worse…they did.

We called the hospital yesterday and they informed us that the skeleton scan showed a clavicle fracture that was healing, which they said could have happened when Julian was born because he was born face up, and he took some time being delivered.

But here is the stunner, they did a CT scan on Julian and they said that he has TWO brain bleeds! I about passed out! WHAT?

And nobody called us to tell us these things!

We called to check on him, and I demanded to talk to a doctor, because the nurse was adamant that he was fine yet when I finally get the doctor on the phone, I not only find this stuff out, but then I find out that he was moved to Ped ICU!!! If I wouldn’t have demanded to talk to the Doctor, I wouldn’t have known any of this! Ad she was SO rude and unsympathetic stating that if we wanted to keep our kids that we get down to the hospital immediately.

So we got the kids together, brought them to my moms, and got down to the hospital.
Of course with the new information that came to light, they once again placed a hold on us, and we had to be supervised.

Of course the doctor that was there at night was a different doctor but she said that the CT is not in detail, so they will do an MRI to exactly show the bleeding and the cause. That it could be any number of things, that it doesn’t mean just trauma, that it could be stroke, aneurism, etc.

Now at this point, the social worker hadn’t called us yet, so we figured we were ok. But we were so wrong.

We drove home, feeling ok, that the MRI will show us more the next day. When all of a sudden our phone rings, and when we answered it was the social worker. He tells us he is outside of our house. And we said we aren’t there, we are driving home. And we told him where the kids were, and he basically had stated that with this new information, he needs to remove the children.


He said we needed to meet at my moms and get all this figured out. I asked him why he has to take the kids. He saw them the day before, he interviewed them and us, talked to Julian’s pediatrician, and he saw that they were fine. But because this shit ass doctor during the day said that these bleeds could ONLY be caused by trauma, that he had no choice but to remove the children… Yet the other doctor said that it could be anything, not just trauma.

My mom is a licensed foster mom, so we thought we could at least have her as a foster mom but that ended up not working out, because of all the STUPID rules that they have to follow, my mom technically didn’t have enough room except for Reagan the baby.

My Ex husband showed up there and he was totally going off on the social worker about how ridiculous all this is. Which was sweet of him considering we were not on the best terms, as of late. So he was able to take our girls, but unfortunately, the other kids had to go elsewhere.

It was the most traumatic thing ever. The thought of our kids being with strangers was sickening. I wanted to cry and throw up and hyperventilate. Sophie and Nick were able to go together, and Isabelle and Reagan were together. I wasn’t as worried about Sophie and Nick because they were older, but Isabelle, oh my sweet Isabelle, I couldn’t hold it together. Knowing that she was going to wake up at a strange house and he mommy and daddy weren’t there when she woke up. GGOODD!! I can’t even hold it together while I am writing this.

This is so surreal. I can’t believe our house full of kids are gone. We go to court on Thursday (12/10), with ALL the kids and even my Ex who will speak on our behalf. At that time it will be decided what will happen next with our kids. At this point anything can happen. We hope this MRI will be in our favor.




Today was a very emotional day. Waking up in a house that is so quiet is oddly eerie. Never thought I would experience that…at least not for another 10-20 years! LOL And then again, who am I kidding, I am sure at that time we will get the house visits full of grandkids at that time! LOL

We called to talk to Nick and Sophie at the foster home they were in, and it was just greatly irritating and scary to talk to someone who just didn’t know what they were doing. The foster dad wouldn’t let us talk to the kids, because he stated he didn’t know whether we were allowed to or not!

OUR social worker stated we could talk anytime! So we call our social worker and tell him, so he calls the foster dad to get it corrected. Then we are also told our phone calls have to be monitored, ridiculous. We also find out that he registered the kids for school in Victorville!!! WHAT??? Again we call the social worker and he said that he wasn’t supposed to do that! WTF?? These people are going down BIG TIME!

I call the foster home Isabelle and Reagan are at, and the experience with the foster mom was much better than with Sophie and Nicks, but it was also going to be difficult because I knew that hearing Isabelle wondering where we were was going to be devastating.

I spoke with the lady, and as I am talking with her and she is telling me how easy Reagan and Isabelle are, I can hear Isabelle say “Call me! Daddy! Call Me!” Which doesn’t mean what you think, she is actually singing the song by Blondie, “call me”, because Dave plays it for her and Sophie all the time and they both love Blondie! Then she said “Sopie outside?”

I couldn’t hold it together. The foster mom was sweet and tried to console me, but there was just no consoling me, I said thank you and I would call later, I just couldn’t talk to Isabelle without crying.

We went to the hospital, and filed a complaint with the hospital admin regarding a doctor from Monday who was a total hooker, talking to us like we were child abusing monsters, stating in two separate phone calls that “if we wanted to keep our kids we get down to the hospital” and just treating us like total crap and disrespect. So we filed the complaint first. We then went to the ICU, not sure what to expect from the doctors up there.

I got to feed Julian, although I didn’t get to hold him, which was quite irritating. And I love how the nurse was trying to tell ME how to feed the baby. Uh, hey lady I think I have done this before…not a new mom here. I guess it must be my youthful face, she must be mistaking me as a young first time mother! (LOL Ok people, leave that alone! LOL)

Anyway, we got to visit with one of his many “Team” doctors, and he was nice and non judgmental, you know the way it should be. He informed us about the most important thing that we wanted to know about…the MRI...and how it HADN’T been done yet! What a crock! So maybe tomorrow we will know more.

Otherwise he is doing well, no changes in behavior or eating or sleeping etc. The doctor DID finally give us papers to sign to consent for his records from the LOCAL Hospital, GEE YA THINK YA NEED THOSE DO YA?

Jesus loves me! It’s about time! He also informed us that he spoke with Julian’s usual pediatrician and confirmed about his treatment up at our local hospital and how he sees all the kids, and has been treating our family for the last 3 years, and all the kids are fine and always saw the twins together and never saw anything wrong until Julian became ill with his ear and was diagnosed with Mastoiditis. As well as the fact that he did try to order CTs at the LOCAL hospital but the radiologists refused to do it!
AND confirmed the swelling in the left ear started IN the hospital!

We are writing everything down, all the doctors we speak with, what they tell us, what time and day we talk to them, what they are doing, we are leaving nothing to chance.
We left the hospital, feeling a little better, but saddened to know that we were walking into a big quiet lonely house.

We also made the dreaded call to Isabelle and Reagan to see how they were doing, and to suck it up and see if we could get through with having a conversation with Isabelle.

We talked to the foster mom and she asked if we wanted to talk to Isabelle and we said yes. She gets on the phone in a quiet little voice and says hi, Dave says hi and that its dada, and she says dada? And he said yes baby, then she realizes its Dave’s voice and yells “HI DADA! Chicken apple milk!!!”

God, that alone tore us up! See Isabelle loves McDonalds or BK chicken nuggets, Apple, and Milk. Whenever she thinks we are going to run errands, she thinks that’s what she is getting, which we usually do, lol, so when she said that it just broke our heart.
Then she said “daddy, home” OH GOD please don’t do this. Then he said I love you and she says “I yuv you”

I get on the phone, and she is so excited, but says “Mommy home” again, killing me baby girl. I am trying to keep it together and try to talk to her about her new friend (the foster mom has a 3 year old too), trying to make her happy. But as soon as she was over talking about her new friend rather quickly, she says “mommy home” oh man.

So I tell her we will see her soon, and I love her, the foster mom tells her that we were taking care of Julian in the hospital, and we will see her soon.

Then the foster mom decides to dig the knife deeper and tells us how she thought she was going home when she went to pick up her other daughter from school, and that Isabelle kept saying, “home”. (NO I don’t really think she was digging the knife deeper, she is a nice lady, it just felt that way).

We did get a light at the end of the tunnel, in which we did get arrangements to try and get Nick and Sophie out of that crap hole Victorville family in with one of our family friends. But of course like with everything social services it takes a few days, getting background checks and checking sleeping arrangements etc. Hopefully we won’t need our friends help and the judge will let the kids all come home Thursday. We will be there, the kids will be there, my Ex will be there, and we all have appointed attorneys. I am praying that we can take them home.

Our social worker asked if we wanted to arrange visitation with the kids for Wednesday, and I said no way. At least not Isabelle, I cannot see Isabelle and have to leave her there, I will lose it, and it will only make it worse for her. As it is I am afraid to see her Thursday, only to be told that she won’t be coming home, I will be devastated. Is that selfish?

I hope that Thursday (12/10) the kids will be home. This experience really made us think about how selfish we can be as adults and parents. I WELCOME the sibling rivalry and loudness of children fighting over the remote early Saturday morning when we are trying to sleep in. It will be music to my ears.




Today is Wednesday (well technically Thursday morning since I am writing this at 1 in the morning) But we spent the day in our bedroom. We just couldn’t stand the thought of going out into our big house and seeing toys and pictures and messy rooms that reminded us about the kids being gone.

We had no more news from the hospital, other than the MRI was scheduled for 4pm. We called tonight and they didn’t have results for us yet. Figures.

I called Isabelle and Reagan’s foster mom, only to find out that it may not be a good idea to call so late because I guess when we got off the phone with Isabelle last night, she cried for hours wanting her mommy and dada and wanting to go home. GOD that just broke my heart. We told her we weren’t going to talk to her in the first place because it was too hard for us as well.

I did realize a loophole in the system regarding Isabelle and Reagan, because my mom couldn’t keep them both because she only had enough room for a crib based on social services criteria. Well, by their own criteria as well, 2 years old and under can be in a crib, well, Isabelle is technically 2 years old. She won’t be 3 until late February. So I called my mom and told her that, in case things don’t go our way tomorrow. This way she can be with family.

Its 1:15am and we are calling the hospital at 1:30a to see if the Dr can tell us anything new. Well, we just spoke with the Dr. on call but they don’t have the MRI reading. So it looks like tomorrow we will have to call the day shift Dr.

So it’s time for bed, but I am wide awake. Nervous for tomorrow. I want to see the kids tomorrow, but the idea of them not coming home is making me sick. I won’t want to let them go.



10 long days have passed. We still DON’T have our children home with us. This system is a JOKE. Christmas is 6 days away, and the thought of our children NOT waking up in our home is just heartbreaking.

We went to court that Thursday (12/10) only to get nothing done and have it moved to L.A. court an hour away. Friday 12/11 we went to court, and didn’t get the kids back. We have had the kids moved to different foster homes closer to us, so we can visit with them, you know, the 6 hours the court has given us. (Which as you all know is ridiculous! You ALL have seen how much time we spend together as a family and 6 hours is miniscule, in comparison!).

Now Julian is released from the hospital, the MRI shows the bleeding was old, and that he isn’t bleeding on the brain anymore. But he may have some malformation on his brain, so we won’t know until later years if there is any permanent damage. USC is now done treating him and seems like that NEW Brain Bleed caused by supposed trauma is an old bleed, and all this HOOPLA they caused us and our family is no longer a concern of theirs. Thanks USC.

Because of that, we TOTALLY feel that the Emergency Social Worker “jumped the gun” in removing the children, because he took the opinion of ONE doctor who met Julian for only the FIRST TIME and stated that they believed that Julian’s injuries were trauma, while ignoring Julian’s pediatrician who saw ALL of our children, on a CONSISTENT basis including Julian and his sister Reagan, and confirmed that his swelling that we are being accused of, started during his recent hospital stay. We had spoken with TWO other doctors that stated that the bleed could have been caused by other things other than trauma, and wouldn’t know for sure until the MRI is complete. When we told this to Max, he refused to listen and would not question any other doctor.

This MRI was completed 2-3 days after Max removed our children, and the bleed that was so concerning, the bleed that the original USC doctor labeled as a NEW bleed from the CT and placed Julian in ICU; AFTER the MRI, it turns out that the bleed is in fact an OLD BLEED, and he was released not only from ICU, but 24 hours later released from LAC USC hospital all together!!! Again, for something that this doctor placed as so GRAVE, you would think they would have kept him at least another week to make sure that he indeed is ok. I’m still worried about him.

We have visited with the kids all of TWO hours on Wednesday 12/16, and we were GREATLY annoyed. The babies seemed dirty like they hadn’t had baths, and Isabelle was in her PJ, with a size TWO diaper!! She wears a size SIX! If I would have known, I would have brought her clothes, and shoes, and DIAPERS! COME ON! At that time they were switching Foster homes so when I told the social worker my concerns she assured me that the new foster homes will address all this. But STILL, it KILLS me to not be taking care of our children.

Our home is silent, and it takes everything to not fall into deep depression. We have no Christmas tree up, and we avoid going out during the day to avoid the holiday shoppers and Christmas music that makes this even worse for us. We aren’t eating all but once a day, usually later in the evening, again to avoid those same people.

We talk to the kids on the phone every day, and everyday it kills us. Especially Isabelle who says “home home” every time we talk to her. You’ve seen our videos and our pictures, and you all know how adorable that two year old face is. It’s HEARTBREAKING. She also says “kismas, mommy dada kismas”. This is Isabelle’s FIRST Christmas where she really knows what it is, and the fun of Santa, and we don’t get to enjoy that with her, let alone the rest of our kiddos. Our children are being traumatized, over ONE doctor’s opinion that came and went.

Our next court date is not until January 25th, 2010 so NO the kids will not be home for Christmas or New Years. It’s all very upsetting!

I’ve gotten all of Julian’s medical records and have begun scrutinizing them, because surely these doctors missed SOMETHING! As well as getting 2nd opinions.

Our attorneys are asking we get character reference letters, and that’s what we are doing. We have received a wonderful letter from Julian Lennon, to start, and Joey McIntyre, and others are also writing in. We would LOVE for you all too also be a part of the cause! If you have something nice to say about Dave, myself (chargerjenn) our family, please contact us.

We GREATLY appreciate you all as listeners and friends. You all are very supportive and we want it to shine through! Thank you so much for always being there for us!!

XOXO Dave & Jenn




I’ve been avoiding writing my updates, just because it infuriates me then I get all stressed out, and that isn’t good for my blood pressure.

None the less, here is our latest with or family.

On Christmas Eve the Social Worker scheduled a 3 hour visit with the kids AT the Social Services office. It was from 11a-2p, and I asked if I should bring food for us and the kids. She replied that that would be a great idea.

We live about 5 miles from the social services office, so it wouldn’t take very long to get there, but Dave and I are notorious for being late to EVERYTHNG LOL. I DID NOT want to be late for this. So we got up early, headed to the local Little Caesar’s for those great $5 pizzas, and headed over.

At the Social Service Office they have a couple meeting rooms, so I figured that’s where they would put us, but we were VERY annoyed to find my mom standing there, waiting, and the social worker on the phone looking frustrated. We could over hear her making calls to different supervisors and people to find a place to put us for our visitation. She was even trying to get approval for us to use THEIR lunchroom, but of course that would NEVER get approved! Heaven forbid they let lowly parents visit with their children and impose on their lunch room.

She would look over to us and say she is trying to work some place out, meanwhile our visitation time was clicking by.  I stood there holding pizzas and just getting pissed that we had this visitation locked in, why in the word wouldn’t they make sure to have the room for us? Especially with all our kids and the fact that we NEEDED this visitation time after only spending TWO hours with our children in the last 2 weeks!

Luckily my mom was the saving grace, she was able to call her Church and they allowed us to use one of their rooms there. Thank GOD! (Yes, the pun is intended).

Before we head over to the church, Dave made himself quite clear that we were VERY annoyed with the Social Worker, and she did apologize, but none the less, our time was being taken up by us waiting for a room, and then driving to a TOTAL DIFFERENT location!

 I’m sure parents, who actually did abuse or neglect their children and had them taken away for good reason, probably don’t give a shit about seeing their kids, but to US every minute MATTERED! Especially for our family who spent every day together, and had our ritual Friday and Saturday Movie nights (Which would have been EVERY night in our home during this winter holiday break!). It was truly annoying.

We got to the church and it was all good there. We got to visit for about 2 hours, and play. We were looking forward to Christmas day because we were going to spend the ENTIRE day with them from 9am-5pm~ so we were excited.

We went Christmas Shopping and TOTALLY spoiled the kids…but we didn’t care, they deserved it after all the crap they are having to go through because of LA County and DCFS.

We were wrapping gifts until 4am, went to bed, and awoke Christmas morning ready to go see the kid’s faces! We drove out to my mom’s house (she had already picked up the kids). And unloaded the huge mounds of gifts from “Santa” and of course Dave and I, as well as all the boxes from grandparents from out of state and Nick and Sophie’s Mom and Stepdad. These kiddos hit the jackpot this Christmas, and it was deserved.

The day was great. I really wanted to bond with the babies; because it was just unbearable to not have my bonding time that a mommy and baby (in my case babies) have during those first early months. I mean, I cried for a week when I couldn’t breast feed anymore, and now this! So I spent a lot of time with babies in my arms.

We were REALLY aggravated by the foster parents being NOT prepared for a day outing with the babies and Isabelle. When we went to change their diapers, there were only 6 diapers TOTAL for the both of them, as in 3 each! And just a little bit of powdered formula! I mean COME ON! The other formula they provided was the wrong kind that they are not on! And THESE are the foster parents that have 20+years experience! That’s SCARY!

OH! AND, Isabelle had NO pull ups or Diapers! NONE, 0! And of course she pooped and that’s how we realized Isabelle didn’t have anything in the bag as well! It’s RIDICULOUS! I was furious!

Then there was the issue about the foster parents giving the wrong formula because they had no $$$ for the formula they were on and WIC apparently did not cover Similac, only Enfamil. I called the foster mom that night, and told them that they HAD to give the correct formula to my babies. That it was NOT MY problem that they had to pay out of pocket for the formula. I didn’t give my kids away to be taken care of by total strangers, you guys figure it out. In the end, Dave and I decided WE would just buy the formula, because it made us feel better knowing that at least they were eating the right formula.

Other than that, we had a really good day. It was hard to say goodbye, and once again walk into our big lonely house.

Saturday and Sunday were irritating because we couldn’t reach Isabelle by phone and they didn’t return our call, so that was just another thing on our long list to discuss with CPS, DCFS, Penny Lane and anyone else involved.

Today is Monday 12/28/09 and we got to visit with the kids for an hour and a half. Not anywhere near enough time, but we will take as much as we can get. We discussed our issues with the foster parent’s social worker and her supervisor. We wanted to make sure our concerns were heard and not swept under the rug.

We expressed our frustration, and found out that neither one of them even knew why the children were removed. That explains their demeanor. I mean, don’t get me wrong, they weren’t rude or anything, but you definitely feel as you have that Guilty sign on you, because they feel there has to be a reason your children were taken away.

Well, not in our instance, so we explained in detail what happened with our family, and I’m pretty convinced that they now understand why we are so frustrated. Even though they have a job to do, it’s just the fact that they now know we aren’t neglectful drug addicted abusing parents. We just got a bad card dealt with this one incompetent doctor from USC.

Well, that’s it for now…we are still plugging along, trying to make the days go faster. Update again soon!



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Rebeccas Bday 5/2009:




Well, the New Year has come and gone. We have been consistently visiting with the kids on Tuesdays and Thursdays, for an hour and a half, not nearly enough time!

On January 8th, we got to spend about 4 hours with the kids, because Sara was turning 9, so we threw her a birthday party. You can see the pictures below.

That was a fun day, but we are starting to notice some changes in the kid’s behavior. Sophie and Nick seem to be bickering a lot more, and Isabelle is starting to act out, and scream when she doesn’t get her way…which NEVER happened with US! We are going to call the social workers and let them know, not that they will do anything about it.
It’s becoming harder and harder to trust DCFS and their investigators. We recently found out that one of the social workers told the investigator that she felt Dave was “Angry” on Christmas Eve. You know, the day she scheduled a visitation for us with the kids, only to not have anywhere to spend the 3 hours! Then my mom saved the day by calling her church and getting a room there on Christmas Eve so we could spend the rest of our time with the kids in peace.

What’s funny is that Dave NEVER raised his voice at all; he just told the Social Worker that we were upset, because our time was being wasted! And once the social worker apologized, he let it go! He was sitting next to me the whole time.

What’s even funnier is that the reason we found out about it was because the investigator told MY MOM! My mom decided to tell me what the investigator said because she was concerned that they were trying to paint a picture of Dave as an “Angry” person.

We decided to call the investigators supervisor, and the supervisor as well as the investigator were on the speakerphone, and when we questioned the event, the investigator stated that MY MOM was the one who brought Christmas Eve up, and that she (my mom) was telling her that she (my mom) told Dave “to calm down that they are doing the best they can to find a place”, when in fact my mom said NO SUCH THING! My mom was outside that whole time trying to find a place for us to go. And the only thing she did say was “Let’s go, we’re wasting time, we can go to my church”. THAT’S ALL SHE SAID.

When I told my mom about what the investigator was saying she was not happy! And reiterated that she didn’t say any such thing, AND that she never saw Dave get angry. So needless to say, it’s almost like a high school drama, but it involves liars in a system of people that have our kids.
The investigator’s supervisor is getting agitated with us, because we keep calling trying to get her to reveal the truth, but of course they are on the defensive. We are going to expose these people. They wronged us, and they need to be shown for the liars they are!

This is so frustrating, and it’s just affecting me in so many ways and on so many levels. We just want our family back.

We go to court on 1/13, so we are counting down. We don’t really expect much will get done that day, because it’s supposed to be for mediation, which we won’t reach because we didn’t do ANYTHING, so there is no middle ground or agreement to reach. We are trying to see if our lawyers can get at least the older kids back home, including Isabelle, but it’s probably a long shot. That will most likely be the next time I do an update.  Until then, God Bless.




It takes so much for me to make these updates, because I get so emotionally exhausted. I am at a point where I am just so frustrated.

I am going to try and fill in the blanks from where I left off back on 1/9/09.

We have had nothing but confusion and mishaps since this has all started from day 1. Lies, misunderstandings, miscommunications between DCFS, Social Workers, Foster Parents, Foster Agency, Doctors, Hospitals, it’s like one big game of “telephone”, and in the end no one wins, because no one really knows where the “call” originated.

As you will see these “miscommunications” continue on…

We had a meeting with the social workers, the foster parents, and a school representative, because the foster parent that had Nick and Sophie decided last minute before the kids were set to go back to school, that the commute to the school was too much for her, and that she wasn’t going to be able to keep that up. (It’s literally 8 miles there and 8 miles home. I used to get BUSSED into school further than that when I lived in North Hollywood, and my school was in Van Nuys!!!).

We were of course PISSED when we found that out, because we were told the whole reason that DCFS went with this family, was so Nick and Sophie could still go to the same school! (My daughters are in their dad’s care, and he continues to take them to their same school, so they don’t have that issue with them).

So we had this meeting and it was decided that the foster mom would still “commute” those 8 miles to and from the school for the next 30 days, and then if they don’t come up with a solution, basically a ride for them to and from school, that either they are going to have to switch schools or switch foster families! WTF! This is so utterly stupid.

On 1/11 we had a visit at the Foster Agency, the usual M/Th Visit that’s for an hour and a half. We get there, and the Social worker is nowhere to be found and the foster mom that has the twins and Isabelle are also nowhere to be found.

We go to one of the cold rooms that have a couch and a TV and some toys, and start our visit with Sophie and Nick. Their behaviors are just out of control, fighting at every chance they can get. Not the normal brother sister spats; this situation is really affecting their behavior and personality against each other as well as in general.

An HOUR later, at 5:30p Isabelle and the twins show up, (mind you our visit is over at 6pm), apparently miscommunication once again. The Foster mom stated that she didn’t know, but the social worker stated that she told the Foster mom, but the foster mom forgot. It’s a never ending battle for the truth.

We go ahead and try to make the best of it.

On 1/13 we went to court. Originally we were told it was supposed to be for mediation, which we have always considered a joke, because, we DID NOT do ANYTHING to Julian, therefore what is there to mediate? It was such a wasted day. What we were interested in seeing was the report filed by the Dependency Court Social Services investigator. Our Attorneys were to provide us with a copy BEFORE seeing the Judge.

Want to guess when we received it? Some of you may have guessed “a few minutes before seeing the judge so we would have little to no time to read and dispute any of it”…well, you would be half right if you guessed that. We actually received the report TWO DAYS AFTER court!

So, literally we could not object to what the report said, because we DID NOT GET ONE that day. We kept asking our attorneys, and one said, “yea yea I will get it to you, don’t worry”, then the other said, “I’m not supposed to give you a copy, the social worker is” WTF? ONCE AGAIN! WHO KNOWS WTF is GOING ON?

We went in to see the Judge, and what really bothers me, is that I have YET to meet my actual attorney!! I have been to court 3 times, and each time, I have had a substitute come in FOR my attorney. Yet, I know my attorney is alive and well, because on the 1/13 court day, I heard his name being called to the Dept next door to the one we were called to!

Basically nothing was done that day, because apparently USC failed to provide their medical records to the court, therefore we couldn’t move forward. So the court date got moved once again…to 2/23/10. Another month and a half WITHOUT our family. I mean really, can this really be happening?

I must be asleep, because this nightmare can’t really be my life.

On top of all this, I am starting to read waaay too much stuff on the internet about conspiracy theories and how the government and DCFS, court, lawyers, all these people are all in on this game with removing kids for no good reason, and making money!

At first, when I was reading all this, it seemed a little out there, but now, as the time passes, I am starting to see little things that are happening to us, that have happened to some of these other innocent people.

The Social worker who has been so friendly with us, I have grown suspicious of, and I don’t trust ANY of them! Not even the attorneys that are supposed to help us. Here is a bunch of links you can read. Also a book that we bought online, I would recommend ALL parents have. I wish I HAD ALL these links and books BEFORE this happened to me! There is some valuable information on how to protect yourself and your family from DCFS from EVER interfering!

I know, a lot of you would say that it won’t happen to me, but it DID and IS happening to us! And WE DID NOT DO ANYTHING to our little boy! If this blog could help any innocent family that may go through this in the future, then I will be happy! All it takes is someone making ONE phone call about you and your family. KNOW YOUR RIGHTS! Read up on this stuff, just in case! Pass it on! Here are some links:

I know this is A LOT of information to take in, but let me tell you, I wish I would have read ALL these things in advance. Just to know my rights. CPS and DCFS sure as hell are NOT going to tell you!

On 1/14 we had our next visit with the kids at the Foster Agency, and it was such a horrible visit. The babies were just miserable, and sick. Reagan, who is usually the calmer of the two babies, was kicking and crying like she was in such pain! Something we had never seen her do! Julian was crying, Isabelle was fussy and hitting and screaming when she wasn’t getting her way, and to top it all off, they didn’t have a room for us, so they had us in a conference room, that was uncomfortable, and there were no toys, so they had to go fish some out of the other rooms.

ALSO, Sophie starts telling us about a rash that she has, and we ask her to show us, and we are SHOCKED to see what she has! She had lifted the side of her shirt, and on her side she had a giant circle rash! Like the size of a coke can bottom! It almost reminded me of a branding. It was weird.

So we show the social worker and of course they immediately get concerned and discuss taking her to the doctor. My question was, if she had never shown us, would they have ever done anything! Sophie said she had told the foster mom, and that the foster mom was putting a cream on it. Surely if I was a foster mom, and I saw a rash like that I would have immediately taken her to the doctor!

It turned out to be something fungal I guess, that’s what the foster family said. They gave her some medication for it. It looks like it’s getting better.

We got to visit with the kids on Saturday 1/16 at my mom’s house. It’s great to have her as a monitor, because we can have all the kids together at her house, for like 5 hours and its comfortable, and the kids can run around and play. It’s like a visit at Grandma’s house, not like our other visits at the Foster Agency in this stuffy cold room for an hour and a half.

On 1/18 we got to take the kids to see Alvin and the Chipmunks the Squeakquel, again thanks to my mom, who went and picked up all the kids, and met us at the movies. They all loved it.

On Wednesday 1/20 ASFA was coming to my mom’s house to see about approving her as a foster family for the twins and Isabelle. My mom called and told us the lady said she is approving her home. We were ecstatic! I also knew though, that everything takes time, and I didn’t want to get my hopes up until those little ones were handed over to my mom.

(The social worker called 1/21 and said that the kids would probably be moved Friday, Monday at the latest. Well, today is Tuesday 1/26/10, and the little ones are STILL in Foster Care!).

In other disturbing news…I got a call on 1/20 from the kids school, and we find out that the 2 weeks of Independent study work that Nick had from December wasn’t turned in, and that if it wasn’t turned in by Thursday 1/21 that he was going to be shown as absent for two weeks!

We had put Sophie and Nick on independent study those two weeks before Christmas break, because we weren’t sure what was going to happen. We figured they could do the work little by little over the 3 weeks of Christmas break, and turn it in. Well, Sophie did do hers, and turned it in the first day back on 1/11, but Nick unfortunately had not.

We were on top of the foster mom and Nick and Sophie about getting that Independent Study work done over the break. They ALL said yes, that they were working on it little by little every day. We told them all that the work needed to be done by Friday the 8th, so the weekend before school started they could relax. There is no language gap, I speak fluent Spanish, and that Foster mom understood what we expected. On our next visit on 1/11, we asked if the work was done and they ALL said yes.

So needless to say we were shocked when almost 2 weeks later the school called to tell us that Sophie had turned in her work, but that Nick hadn’t turned his in.

The Foster mom had been telling us that they were having difficulties in getting Nick to do his homework, since he got back to school and that Nick was complaining that he had so much homework every day. It all started to make sense. I couldn’t understand how he had so much homework, I knew from working with them every day that afterschool, that the homework he had was usually 3 pages, math, vocabulary and social studies. So I couldn’t understand what the problem was…that is until the school called about the Independent Study work. Apparently he was never finished with it and he had been trying to catch up along with his homework.

What really ticks me off, is that when I gave the work to the foster family, I told them NOT to hand it over to the kids because they would lose it, or not do it, and that they need to be monitored and work checked after, (you know, like a normal parent does for their kids studies). And apparently they did hand it over, because Nick fessed up that he had some of the work in his closet still.

I called the foster agency social worker, and she began to place blame on Nick. I told her AND the Foster mom in the beginning that the foster mom needed to check Nicks back pack and binder to see what his homework assignments are, as well as sign his binder to make sure he is turning in his homework etc. Sophie’s work is easy; she has a packet stapled for the week, so we weren’t worried about her, but Nick, Nick will try to get away with not doing any work ever, if not held accountable.

Well, the foster agency social worker said that the foster mom asked Nick to clean his back pack out. I said “WHAT? WHY? That’s HER job! If you ask a 9 year old boy to clean out his backpack, he is going to throw out all the evidence!”

She proceeded to tell me that the foster mom doesn’t want to go through his back pack without his permission, and Nick doesn’t want her to go through it.

Once again I said “WHAT? Who cares what he wants! He is NINE!  SHE is the ‘Parent’ figure in the home! They are in charge! Are you kidding me? You don’t ask, you do! I go through all the kid bags every day or every other day, I check their binders every day, I make sure they do their homework, and that it is done correct and neatly or they do it again! That’s what I EXPECT from these so called foster families!”

The foster agency social worker had no words. Really what could she say? Other than that she would get it taken care of.

I know she must hate me, but I don’t care. They are in the wrong, and our children are suffering.

Now we are looking to get Nick and Sophie with their mom in Tennessee. We hate to have them so far away, but it’s better than these kooky foster families that let them do whatever they want. Once Isabelle and the twins are with my mom, all our kids will officially be OUT of the foster care system and be with family. I will sleep a little bit better once that happens.

Our next visit with the kids was on 1/21 and once again we were placed in a conference room. I get so irritable at these visits. Especially with these social workers staring at every move you make with your children. Writing everything down. You feel like a criminal. Then they have this rule about not talking about the case, which we NEVER do. But we were talking about our usual Saturday visit with grandma, and Nick asked when we were going to see grandma, and we said Saturday, and then asked about their mom, and IMMEDIATLEY the social worker interrupts and says that we can’t talk about the case or she will end the visit. We were flabbergasted.

We said “We’re not talking about the case, he asked a question about a Saturday visit, and about their mom, and guess what? They already know about going to live with their mom, their own attorney called them at their foster home and TOLD them that they were going to live with their mom. So this has NOTHING to do with the case, it’s a fact!”

I’m telling you, she must hate us. We don’t back down for no one. Their Foster Agency will be SO happy to be rid of us.

Then Sophie starts to complain that her ear hurts. She stuck a Q-tip in her ear (unsupervised), probably because it hurt so badly. Turned out she had an ear infection! I mean what is going on in these houses!!!

On Saturday the 23rd we did our usual all day visit at my moms. It was wonderful as usual, until we were leaving. For some reason this day Isabelle did NOT want to go. As soon as we were getting her ready to go, she just got upset. We took her outside to put her in my mom’s suburban and she was kicking and screaming and crying, it was breaking our heart. She kept pointing at our white van crying…”My white van, my white van, I go in my white van!” It was horrible. We never were able to calm her down, I had to just get her in her seat and let her go. Broke our heart.

Monday 1/25 we went to our visit and AGAIN third time in a row, they have NO ROOM for us, and we get stuck in a conference room, with no toys for Isabelle and the huge table in the middle of the room makes things uncomfortable. Especially with Nick and Sophie, Isabelle and two infant car seats!

Of course the kids are on a roll, bickering, Isabelle’s bored so she starts crying. I get her to sit next to me on the couch, and I offer her a little box of Dots candies. It immediately calmed her. But I KNEW that any moment the social worker was going to pipe in that there was no eating allowed in the room. I had already complained that I wanted to speak to her supervisor about how unfair it is that we always get stuck in the conference room, to which she stated that there are other families there for visitation too. I said I understand that, but they could rotate families so it’s not always US in the conference room.

No sooner that I have Isabelle calm and sitting next to me eating her Dots, the social worker says, “um, there’s no eating in here”

I IMMEDIATELY respond with, “Well, that’s too bad. That’s the ONLY way I could calm her down. She is bored, she doesn’t have any toys in here like a few weeks back, so I get there is a rule, but she is sitting here calmly and not walking around with it. If you have a problem, call your supervisor in here, I am not taking the candy from her.”

She proceeded to get on her phone to talk to a supervisor and tell her the situation. How I gave Isabelle Candy, and that I don’t “want to comply with the no eating rule”.

I found that funny. I don’t want to comply, like it was some major law.

The supervisor came in and we have had dealings with her before, and she is so nice to us, and is very accommodating to us to make us happy. And guess what? She did not mention the candy at all! She took Isabelle and Sophie to go get some toys and come back. I’m sure the social worker in there was annoyed.

The rest of the visit went smoothly. But I just hate how these visits go. It’s so annoying. It will be nice to not have to go there anymore. Unfortunately that means that Nick and Sophie are in TN, and that just sucks that they will be so far away. But it will mean that the twins and Isabelle are with my mom. CAN’T WAIT for that!

 Now we have these Social workers at DCFS trying to get us to sign a case plan, which we TOTALLY do not trust. It’s a document that states all the allegations and then what we can try to do to get the kids back, like parenting classes, therapy for child safety, etc. And then it shows getting the kids back like by July! JULY! I flipped out!

I told Dave I don’t trust that. We are already signing up with a parenting class, we don’t drink, we don’t do drugs, we will submit to any tests, we don’t need the parenting plan. The Court hasn’t even ordered us to do anything, not even parenting classes, and we are just doing them because we thought it would be proactive. So for now, we aren’t signing. I’m starting to go through all my notes from my notebook and place them in a Word format.

I have also begun the tedious task of going through the investigators report, to make sure there are no lies or hearsay in there. That’s going to be a task; there are 3 versions, because of the three sets of kids. But who better to do the investigative work then us?

Sorry this is so long, I will try to do these updates more frequently, so they aren’t such long reading!




Wow, I am just so exhausted. I am tired all the time. Probably because I
cannot sleep at night. We go to bed around 11p or 12a, watch some shows and
usually Dave falls asleep by 2a, and there I am wide awake laying in the
dark. It's a horrible feeling not being able to sleep.

I would probably scrub the bathroom and vacuum if I knew that Dave could
sleep through it like our children usually do. LOL.

GREAT NEWS! On 1/26/10 the twins and Isabelle moved in officially with my
mom! We are ecstatic! Isabelle seems so much happier too! We have been
spending a lot of time with them at my moms. Makes it so much easier to
visit the babies especially, as opposed to a cold room at the previous
foster agency.

We also had to make the tough decision of moving Sophia and Nick to a new
foster family in order to keep them at their school. Their previous foster
mom announced to the social worker that they had a week to decide whether
they would stay and switch schools, because she no longer wanted to drive
the 8 miles to take Nick and Sophie to their school.
Um Excuse me, isn't that what YOU signed up for? Whatever, they both seemed
miserable there anyway, so we went Monday and met with the new Foster
Agency, and the new foster mom.

So, we decided to move them to a new foster family and they get to stay in
their school, so not everything changes for them.

We took the twins and Isabelle to their pediatrician that was an
enlightening conversation. I LOVE our pediatrician. He spent TWO hours of
HIS own time during lunch just talking to us about just how ridiculous this
all is. Giving us advice, telling us to have our lawyers call him so he can
tell them what specialists to get and all that. He is GREAT. I mean really,
most doctors rarely spend 10 minutes with you or your kids when you're SICK
let alone to talk about a case you are going through AND for TWO hours! So
that really got us fired up again to fight fight fight.

I mean, we never gave up, but sometimes it's so exhausting that you just
want to draw the curtains, and get into bed and sleep the days away until
court to make it come faster. But after talking with the pediatrician, we
are back in full force. We needed that. So we began diligently researching,
sending stuff to our lawyers, and doing the work they should probably be
doing, but if we don't they won't, since they have 300 hundred other cases
to deal with.

We did a news interview today with local media, trying to get the word out
there to see if anyone can help. We are trying to get experts to read these
MRIs to look into all these records, and show that Julian was NOT abused.
Our pediatrician is adamant that it is not abuse, but unfortunately he isn't
an "expert" so they will only listen so much to him. He will be GREAT on the
stand though. So we are trudging through, and we hope our kids will be home
sooner than later.

Thanks for all your support, it means so much.




So much has transpired, I don’t even know where to begin. I need to just do an update once a day in Word, so I don’t have to go back through all my emails to my attorneys.

The weekend of the 7th of February, we had a bit of an issue with the Foster mom who has Nick and Sophia. We had a visit with them that day, but we always make a phone call so Kelly (Dave’s Ex Wife and Nick and Sophie’s mom) can talk with them.

We started calling that evening about 7pm. The phone rang and rang, no answer. We tried for a few hours, and thought it was odd that there was no answer, or at least a machine.

It became late, about 10pm and we called the foster agency directly. We were able to speak t someone in charge, but they basically stated that no one could go over there until 8 in the morning. Which is not at all comforting, especially when you want to speak to your children who are NOT in your care!

The next morning the Foster Agency was able to get over there, and all was fine. Apparently the foster other just did not feel like answering her phone.

WTF?!? he just didn’t feel like answering her phone??? We found that unacceptable. We complained with the Foster Agency and they took care of it. Now the family has an answering machine.

The Foster Agency began being a bit unreliable when it came time to scheduling visits in their offices, or just returning phone calls back to us. Which became very frustrating.

In the middle of all this, we get a request from the twins attorneys that the pediatrician they have wants to do an MRI on REAGAN. We couldn’t understand why, and they really wouldn’t give us much explanation, other than to tell us that maybe something happened in utero, and they want to see if Reagan may have something too.

Now we were put in a position that we did not like. First of all, we find it unacceptable that they are going on a fishing expedition on a perfectly healthy little 4 month old twin! They would have to put her under anesthesia (which people die from ALL the time) all to do something that may or may not turn something up.

It’s so hard, because if we fight it, we look guilty, if we don’t, and something comes up, we have the fear that they will use it against us, even though we know we did nothing! Our attorneys are fighting it, asking for specific reasoning as to why this Dr. is asking for it.

We also find out that our Social Worker is now moving off our case and that we would be receiving a new worker. And the funny thing is, we find out because our son Nick says, “yea, so and so came by to say goodbye,” and we were like really? And he said, “yea, she isn’t our social worker anymore.”

Ok, that would be nice to know! As it was, we were thinking, good riddance, because she never returned our phone calls and it became utterly clear that our case was at the bottom of her concerns. So we thought that it would be nice to make a fresh new start with a new worker. More on that one in just a minute!

So our attorneys went in to court to discuss the reasons for the MRI on Reagan, when to their surprise, they get bombarded in court about a news story that was done about us and our case and that the agency is asking for a 7 day notice. Which basically means that they would be moving Nick and Sophia to ANOTHER foster home within 7 days!

The county tried to make it seem as if the news crew bombarded the agency and was doing like an investigative report! And it was SO NOT LIKE THAT!

They set up an interview with the agency they had picked, and if you see the story, you will see that the story itself looks like a human interest story about the foster care system. It’s VERY neutral, and not once does it give any kind of inkling that one part of the story has anything to do with the other. So we were perplexed.

Dave had a rapport with the head of the Foster Agency from the previous shenanigans with the Foster mother not answering the telephone, so he gave him a call.

The head guy stated that the county was pressuring them (the Foster Agency) to give a 7 day notice because of the news story. We thought that was odd. We also found it highly convenient since in the last week we had had some major issues with not getting our visitation and social workers not returning our phone calls!

We asked if he could rescind the 7 day, because we did not want Nick and Sophie to be moved to another foster home. It would be their 4th one! He said he would definitely look into it.

The next day we met with our attorneys for 2 hours. It was a bit frustrating, but I believe a lot got accomplished.  We called the head of the foster agency, and suddenly his story changed. He went from stating that the County pressured the into issuing the 7 day notice, to stating that they were understaffed, and the gal that we dealt with, didn’t “Feel comfortable” dealing with Dave.

Which we thought was funny considering she never called us in the first place! LOL We had no bad interactions with anyone at the Foster Agency until the “No Answering of the Foster Mom Phone” happened, and that was resolved rather quickly.

We found it very interesting that his story changing happened at the same time we had been complaining about the county in the last weeks. Everything seemed fishy.

We went to court on 2/23 for mediation, which we thought was a joke, because we weren’t going to admit to anything, therefore what is there to mediate? But we did have a list of reasons why we felt the children should at the very least be allowed to come home. It was more specific than what I have below, but I didn’t want to bore you all with the details! LOL there were literally bullet points and sub-points, and sub-sub-points, I was rather proud of our reasons!

1. Loving family that has been torn apart.

2. We are in our 4th week of Parenting Classes without even being Ordered

3. Nicholas & Sophie will be subsequently moved to a FOURTH Foster Home

4. DCFS was made aware in December of important Therapy Sessions for one of the children

5. DCFS/Foster Agencies Continued Failed or Disruptive Visitations

6. DCFS/Foster Agencies Continued FAILED Communications

7. School is suffering

8. Both NON-OFFENDING Ex Spouses have attested that we’re good parents and that they are in full support of us per the investigator reports

9. Cuts the lack of communication out that DCFS and Foster Agencies continually have with regards to our visitation if the older children are returned home

10. Younger children are with Maternal Grandmother and she is an approved monitor, therefore visits would be arranged with her directly


We get to court, and meet with the mediator. We were probably with her for about an hour, when she receives a phone call from the County Counsel that says, No, we are not mediating! We didn’t even meet! LOL They didn’t even meet with the mediator! it was the most bizarre thing.

So we had to go to the judge, to set a trial date. Unfortunately, the kids did not get to come home. We were very upset. We thought we could get the Judge to see all the reasons! He did order DCFS to explore visitations in our home, but with the way DCFS had been dealing with us, we knew that exploring that option was not going to happen. At the same time we had gotten the report that the county filed within days of the court mediation date that stated that there is NO FAMILY REUNIFICATION because we refuse to sign the case plane. (Something that I have come across that other people have had happen to them!).

We were told by the social workers we did not have to file a case plan! We were not comfortable signing something that had these horrible accusations on it.

Besides, we hadn’t been ordered to do anything by the court yet, and we were already going into our 4th week of parenting classes, something we signed up for on our own!

They wrote in this report that we were uncooperative parents, who did not want to follow a case plan.

There is a huge difference between not wanting to sign a case plane and not wanting to do what it asks. We are taking parenting classes and we are looking into therapy, again not even being ordered too, just as being proactive parents, as encouraged by our attorneys!

But alas, the kids are not home, and court is 3 months away L. Trial is 5/18/10 And now we need to go through all these reports and see what’s true and what’s false. There are a lot of things that are wrong that I saw just from skimming the report.

So we will work our way through it, being as detailed as possible. And wait for trial.



Last week was a rough week.

I mentioned briefly in the last update about our new Social Worker. We thought, great, a new start with someone.  That did not last very long! Literally a few days after telling her we wanted a fresh start with her, she wasn't returning our phone calls and caused all kinds of havoc with our visits.

It started with Isabelle and Dave's birthday for 2/25. We were planning a
birthday party at Vince's Pasta and Pizza. It was a place we have been to
twice before, and didn't think anything of it.

On 2/22, we spoke with the "new" social worker who was discussing our weekly
visit schedule. She was talking about the park, and Chuck E. Cheese, etc, as
places. We had court the next day (2/23) and we told her we would call her
after court, hoping we had good news, ie taking the older kids home at

Obviously court didn't go our way. So we called the social worker. She
didn't call us back. We called her again. Nothing. Called her Wednesday,
nothing. My mom called me Wednesday night to let me know that the social
worker had called her to try and plan Thursday's visit for Dave and
Isabelle's birthday. The social worker told my mom we could NOT do it at
Vince's Pasta and Pizza (when we had already gone there twice). So my mom
told her to call me or Dave to let us know. Of COURSE NO ONE returns our

Now mind you, I want to put it out there that we have gone to SEVERAL places
with the kids, Including Vince's pasta and Pizza twice, the mall, the
movies, hometown buffet etc.

Dave and I leave several messages Wednesday, (by this time I am calling
supervisors as well).

The morning of 2/25 I am with my mom, helping her run an errand, when low
and behold, the Social Worker calls my mom, not ME, but my mom! My mom says
"hold on, talk to Jenniffer".

She (the social worker) is NOT happy about this, I am sure she was looking
at all costs to NOT talk to me, and here it is she had no way out.

I get on the phone, and immediately she begins with

"Mrs. Harris, I have been trying to reach you"

I said, "No, YOU HAVE NOT. We have been leaving you AND your supervisors
messages, and NO ONE returns our calls!"

She interrupts with, "Well, do you want your visit today or not"

I said, "Absolutely. Why can't we do it at Vince's?" She wouldn't give a
reason. I even reminded her that SHE was the one who suggested Chuck E
Cheese in the FIRST place! But since I knew we were getting nowhere, and
instead of arguing, we decided to go ahead and have a birthday party at my
mom's house so we are at least together.

We had a happy birthday at my moms.

On Friday 2/26 I get a phone call from my mom, letting me know that again
the social worker called her about Saturdays visit and when we already had
it all planned out, they (DCFS) decides to change things once again.

We were planning on a visit from 2p-6p because my mom had to go to L.A.
Saturday morning and would be back until noon or one pm. so we planned 2p-6p
and we were going to go to the mall and early dinner. My mom called the
foster parents that had Nick and Sophia and worked out meeting the foster
parents at the mall, and we were meeting my mom at the mall as well. All was
worked out with no problem...UNTIL DCFS gets involved.

Apparently the Social Worker stated that we HAD to do the visit from 9am-2p
because that when they had a driver available to take Nick and Sophia to my
moms. Well, we didn't need their assistance there!

So I called my social worker AND her Supervisor. I FINALLY get a phone call
from the supervisor, and she reiterates how we have to do the visit from
9am-2p. And that my mom cancelled the visit. I told her that she didn't
cancelled, we just arranged different plans. Well, this supervisor wanted
nothing to do with that plan, and that if we don't do it her way, it's no
visit, that we could not go to the mall, the movies, out to eat, Vince's
NOWHERE! Every place I asked her she would say no. Even after telling her,
we had gone to the movies, gone to restaurants to eat, been to the mall,

Finally I just said "Then YOU tell ME where we can go! Every place I ask,
you say no, so please, can you just TELL ME WHERE we can go?"

So, I said, so basically you are saying we can't see the kids unless it's at
my mom's? And she said yes.

So basically we missed that visit because the foster parents couldn't bring
the kids to my mom's house out in Lake L.A. at 2p, (they were planning to
drop them at the mall while they ran their errands) and my mom wasn't
available at 9am.

This was INSANE.

We were able to shake things up enough to get this social worker replaced,
and starting Monday 3/1 a new social worker took her place. So this social
worker was only on board for a week.

So we call supervisors supervisors, and begin once again trying to hold
EVERYONE accountable.

DCFS sets up a meeting to try and work out visitation.

It was regarding where we could have visits, as well as visits in the home.
Back on the last day of court (2/23) we had asked the court if we could do
visits in our home. The judge at the time stated that DCFS explore home
visits. Of course DCFS said no originally.

Then we had out TDM or Team Decision Meeting.

THANKFULLY, we had a facilitator from DCFS that ACTUALLY had a brain! He
listened to all this stuff, and he could not understand why we couldn't have
home visits. He also couldn't wrap his mind around why DCFS was asking for
No Reunification. Especially, when they originally were offering that with
our case plan.

I basically said to him "Let me tell you why..." and I basically laid out
all the problems from day one we have had with DCFS and how we hold them
accountable for all the wrongs and they don't like that. We wouldn't sign
the case plan, and they change to No Reunification. When NOTHING has
changed. And we have no history with DCFS, with police, with domestic
disputes or violence with anyone.

So basically, this Facilitator was a godsend. And thankfully saw it our way.
We were able to have visits at locations such as Vince's, the mall, the
movies AND our HOME!! Finally!



Well, the time has come where we had to make the tough decision to let Nick
and Sophie go live with their mom in Tennessee. During the week of 3/15 we were told they would be moved to their fourth foster home, and we felt that they needed to be with family. All this moving around with strangers was just too much. And with the wackiness of these court dates, and continuances, we just felt that they needed to be with family.

Unfortunately even with our new social worker, who we actually like and get
along with, there are still problems. Nick has prescription glasses that were "misplaced" in the move from 3rd foster home to 4th foster home, and the social worker keeps forgetting to look into it.

Then Dave didn't get his full visits with Nick and Sophia the last week they
were here, even though the social worker PROMISED to make his time up in
that last week. On Tuesday 3/22 we had a last meal with all the kids at Home
Town Buffett. Then Wednesday We (Dave and I) were supposed to spend 2 hours
with Nick and Sophie, from 3p-5p, and what happens? At 3:40p the social
worker finally shows up. What's weird is that the person who called us to
let us know that he was going to be late was the foster mom, and she said
the social worker called her to tell her that he was running late picking
the kids up.

Why HE (the social worker) didn't call us to let us know I don't know. So he
finally shows up at 3:40p no reason, and then leaves at 5:10p. WTF? What
happened t making up for previous lost time? As well as lost time from the
last couple weeks?

So Nick and Sophie flew to Tennessee on Thursday. It was hard for especially
Dave, who has had custody of his kids here in California. And especially
tough on Isabelle who continually asks for "Nicky and Sophie".
We also find out on 3/29 that the medicine Nick is on was never refilled by
the foster parents OR DCFS when we told them the entire week they were here,
that he needed that refill to be able to hold him over for the first month
until his mom can get him on her insurance and get a new prescription.  So
WE (Dave and I) called the doctor, explained the situation, and had the
prescription filled and sent overnight to TN, so he would have his medicine.
Just another example of the failure of DCFS, EVEN AFTER we told them!
We finished a 7 week parenting class a few weeks ago, even though we weren't
ordered to take it, our attorneys suggested we be proactive, and it looks
good if we do it before we get ordered, IF we even get ordered.
I have to say, all else aside, there were VERY useful techniques in the
class that we learned. It was a good experience. Did I think we were bad
parents? No, but they definitely had fun and interesting ways of dealing
with kids of all ages. I would actually take it again with a different group
of people just to see what comes out of it.

NOW, we are taking Anger Management Classes. What's funny is that when we do
our workbook, I feel like I am in denial, because none of this stuff applies
to me. lol. I am not an overtly angry person, and even when I get upset, I
get over it pretty quickly. Even the teacher said last week (we are into our
3rd week), she actually said, "Good Lord, you two shouldn't even be in this

Now you may ask yourselves why we would even take an anger management class
if we don't need it. Well, because when DCFS decided to do a case plan, to
work towards getting our kids back, the things they recommended us to do
was, Parenting Class, Anger Management, and Therapy.

Well, the Case Plan also stated that we lacked parenting skills, that there
is a history of abuse, but then 2 paragraphs later listed that we had NO
HISTORY with abuse or CPS. Also it stated that we were abusers, and that we
abuse Julian, and had HORRIBLE allegations. We refused to sign their case
plan because of the inaccuracies and lies.

The case plan had our kids home to us in July, if we signed and followed
their recommendations. Well, we are not guilty of ANYTHING and I don't care
if they said, you can bring your kids home tonight if you sign here. HELL
NO! We would NEVER sign or admit to anything we didn't do!

Our attorneys suggested going ahead and doing the recommendations to be
proactive, and also it lets the Judge see we are willing to do anything to
get our kids back, short of admitting to something we didn't do. So as much
as we don't need anger management, we are doing it. It's weird going to a
class for a problem you don't have. LOL I mean, parenting class, I think
everyone can get something out of that class. And we are even in therapy,
but after all these traumatic events, therapy is definitely needed! LOL So
it may not be the Therapy DCFS is thinking, but hey, we are doing it. But
anger management, that's the one that is just utterly ridiculous.

Not to mention EXPENSIVE! Its $40 bucks a class! And we have 12 total to do!
We go once a week! Then Therapy is also $40 bucks a week and we go once a
week! My only saving grace is knowing that when all this is over, DCFS, USC,
and the county will be paying that back, AND SOME!!



We took Julian to our own E.N.T. on 3/29. It was from the original referral
from back at the end of November from when Julian was hospitalized in the
first place at AV Hospital. During that week he was home, his pediatrician
did a referral for an ENT and when it got approved a few weeks later, we
were already embroiled in this DCFS mess, and USC was hell bent on saying it
was abuse, as opposed to ACTUALLY finding what is wrong with Julian.
So he was seen at out pediatrician referred ENT at Childrens Hospital on
3/29, yes almost 4 months AFTER his ears had swollen.

The ENT looked him over, looked in his ears, at his ears, and in his nose.
As far as the ears, it looks like he had some pits, where he may have had
cysts. She also said he has a deviated septum and a bit of acid reflux,
which attributes to his breathing issues.

We showed her the pictures of Julian, so she can see for herself what USC
would have seen, and she did not believe that it looked like abuse.
Here are a few of the pics that we showed:

Click images to enlarge

I mean, there are no bruises; the swelling looks IDENTICAL on both sides.
And when he was in the hospital the first time for the right ear, his left
ear wasn't swollen. He was in the hospital for 10 days at AV Hospital. A few
days later, IN the hospital, the left ear began swelling, but only mildly.
On the Sunday (10th day) he was released it was mildly swollen. On Monday we
followed up with the pediatrician ad he said, keep an eye on it, come back
if it swells up like the right ear had. On that Friday, his ear swelled up
like how the right looked 15 days earlier (you can see by the side by side
pic). We IMMEDIATELY took him to the E.R., and they decided to transfer him
to Children's Hospital but didn't have a bed. So they sent him to LAC USC.
And THAT'S where our nightmare began! I don't think I need to rehash. You
can go to the top and revisit what happened.

USC is insistent that we beat his ears, causing them to swell, and that the
force of us hitting his ears caused a brain bleed. He has nor skull
fractures, no bruises. We keep asking for a read on the MRI, to find out how
old the brain bleed is, because we believe maybe it could be from birth.
Julian had a very traumatic birth. He was born second, 26 minutes AFTER
Reagan, and he wasn't coming out easy. At one point his heart rate dropped
and the doctor thought they would have to do an emergency c section.
Every time we try to find out about the bleeds, and what caused the bleeds,
they are hell bent in saying it's a bleed caused by trauma, instead of
finding out the CAUSE of the bleed! I mean, the CT was done 12/7 where they
initially found the bleed, and put him in ICU, then, 4 days later they did
an MRI, and it showed the bleed was OLD. So they released him from ICU and
24 hours later released him into foster care!

Really? I mean, they didn't have to relieve pressure from his brain or stop
the bleeding, because it was all old. Soooo??? That's it? Its old, release
the baby and don't look back? I am still worried about Julian's brain. I
would like for him to have another MRI just to follow up, to make sure
everything is still ok.

OH! And NOW the DCFS is trying to say that Julian's ear swelling were caused
by us picking him up by his EARS! OMG! How evil are these DCFS people?
We did hear from our attorneys that DCFS attorneys were talking to our
attorneys about possibly settling this if we agreed to some "language" and
we could have the kids home. HELL NO! We will NOT AGREE to ANYTHING!
They are like Schizophrenic DCFS. They want family reunification, and want
us to sign their case plan, we say no, because we don't agree with the
allegations and we want our day in court, then they say No Family
reunification! And NO Mediation. And NOW they say, well, we will think about
giving your kids back if you agree to some "language". Bunch of crazy

I mean this has been so crazy. We miss our kids so badly. I have been trying
really hard to not be depressed about it, but it's so hard. That's why it
took me so long to do this update. I just don't want to do anything. I was
doing really good for a couple weeks, getting out and run/walking, and
exercising. But as of a few weeks ago, that all went down hill. I started
working out again the last couple of days. I truly felt good when I was
doing that, so I know it will help me.
Counting down to our next court date, 5/18. I hope to drive the kids home
that day!




We went to court 2 weeks ago, and it was decided that there is no good reason for Reagan to have an MRI. So that is a win for us.

We met with our attorneys Friday. I find it amusing that a few days before the trial, the COUNTY is offering up another deal, so we can settle out of court.

What they don’t seem to understand is that we did not do ANYTHING to our children, so why would we agree to ANYTHING?  

To DCFS though, it looks as if we are being difficult and uncooperative. Those are the exact words from our attorneys. But what DCFS does NOT know, is that in a way we are. Our attorneys advised us to take Parenting Classes, and we did. Voluntarily, And we did learn from it. It was a very good experience. Parenting classes aren’t just for bad parents, or parents who don’t know what they are doing. It offers you different ways to look and deal with situations, by using love and logic. It was all very fascinating.

Anyway, DCFS seems to think we don’t want to take responsibility for anything.

NOW, DCFS is saying we medically neglected Julian, because we took 2 days to get him to his pediatrician.

When Julian’s ear started swelling, I called his pediatrician, and the nurse said we could bring him in.

We went to bring him in, and when we got in the car, it wouldn’t start. Our battery was dead.

So we called the pediatricians office, to let the nurse know, we wouldn’t be coming in (you know being courteous), and the nurse said to keep an eye on it, if he stops eating, or gets a fever, let us know. He didn’t have a fever; he was eating and sleeping normal. It was just his ear, swelling at the tip.

There was never urgency, and if there would have been an emergency, we DEFINITELY would have gotten him to the E.R.

To DCFS, they call what we did medical neglect.

Yet, when Julian was in AV Hospital for those 10 days, his left ear began to swell, Dr. Teperson released Julian, and his EXACT words were, keep an eye on it, if he gets a fever, or the left ear balloons up like the right ear did, let me know, and bring him to the E.R.

Hmmmm, exactly what we were told to do the first time.

Yet, DCFS is trying to make us out as if we neglected to get him medical treatment promptly because when our vehicle wouldn’t start we went ahead and waited for the appointment he and Reagan had less than 2 days later!

Our attorneys are telling us that the neurologist said Julian’s brain is a mess. Basically that there are things wrong that look like anomalies from even before he was born.

The CT even says it looks like Julian suffers from Cortical Dysplasia and Schizencephaly .

These are TWO things in the FINDINGS on the CT medical report.

And yet, DCFS and USC are still insisting we abused Julian, yet we have no record, no history of violence, no history with DCFS (and mind you we had 6 children under our roof before the twins), NO bruising ANYWHERE on Julian. No fractured skull, no retinal damage to his eyes.

Why can you (our friends and family) and us, and our children, and our pediatrician (who DCFS is trying to discredit because he isn’t a specialist, last I heard he is a DOCTOR, specializing in children!), all do not believe it is abuse, but USC and DCFS are so adamant that it is.

Even when their own CTs show something else? Cortical Dysplasia alone happens IN UTERO. That means before birth.

All we can do is pray. And hope that the Judge will see through all the crap.

We go to court this Tuesday, May 18, 2010. It could take days. We are hoping for a great outcome.

Please pray for us, and our family. We will let you know ASAP, when we know anything!




We went to court on 5/18/2010; Ready for the fight of our lives. We get into the courtroom, and the county attorneys tell the judge that their witnesses are not there, and that they are not prepared to do trial that day.

The judge asked if they were subpoenaed, on doctor was, and the other was not. So what does the judge do???

CONTINUES the trial for July 16th!!!! UNACCEPTABLE!!! But what can we do? Absolutely nothing…

So, again, we wait. July 16th.



What a day we had Friday 7/16/2010. It was so emotionally overwhelming.  

The morning started at the courthouse, and the first thing that we find out, was that the County’s MAIN witness doctor, was a NO SHOW for the SECOND time. We were worried that the DCFS County Counsel was going to ask for a continuance again, which meant another court date! 

We were devastated, ESPECIALLY because all of our expert witnesses, who were doctors, where all there! Julian’s Pediatrician was there, our OB/GYN who delivered the twins, an Ear Nose and Throat Doctor, and TWO Pediatric Neurologists! ALL on OUR side. 

While we were waiting to be called, one of the neurologists came over and talked to us. And he explained that he with the utmost certainty believed that Julian suffers from Schizencephaly, which happens IN UTERO, aka before birth! 

AMAZING! If you read my update from 5/15/10, I had written our attorneys that SHOWED USC’s OWN medical records from the CT that they did, that USC states that they believed Julian suffered from Schizencephaly! Yet USC was the one who stated we abused Julian???

We were THRILLED to hear that he believed that this was Julian’s brain issue, and NOT brain bleeds from abuse. The ears seem to perplex ALL the doctors, but NONE of them EXCEPT USC believed that the ears were caused from abuse.  

The county called me and Dave first. No problem. We have nothing to hide. Then they rested. The minor’s attorney called their Dr. Luckily for us; he had extensive conversation with our neurologists, who believe Julian’s condition is NOT abuse.

The problem was, he was on the stand for almost 2 hours, and would flip flop back and forth. He would believe it was medical, but then he would say he wasn’t sure what happened to the ears. He would state that the brain issues were medical and from birth, but then would go and say he isn’t sure if the ear issues were due to trauma. The CRAZY thing was, that he also spoke on behalf of the County’s Doctor who specialized in abuse, that she stated that “thank god Julian got to the ER (at LAC-USC) when he did because she had to resuscitate him!”

WHAT? EVERYONE in the court room stopped and had that ‘HUH?’ look on their face. The judge even stopped, and asked the doctor on the stand if that was accurate, and the doctor said no, and that there was no record of that anywhere. 

THAT is because Julian was totally fine when he was brought to USC via ambulance because he wasn’t unstable. He NEVER was unstable, not while at AV Hospital for 10 days, and NEVER in the ER at AV Hospital. He was merely being transported by ambulance to LACUSC because we couldn’t transport him, because we only had one vehicle, and had the other kids.

Once that was cleared up and the doctor was done, it was almost 4pm. The Judge excused him, and all of a sudden started making all these decisions! Dismissing counts left and right. We were confused…we knew what the words dismissed were, but didn’t understand why the judge was making all these decisions suddenly when we hadn’t put on our defense yet.

When he was done, the attorneys asked if they could have a 5 minute recess to confer with us. We went out into the waiting area, and the attorneys were acting all happy and clapping for us. They started explaining that the judge dismissed everything against the older kids, so the older kids get to come home, and that he dismissed the brain bleeds, and the neglect. So here we are thinking, ok, he dismissed all these things and we haven’t even presented a defense. That’s great right? Wrong.

All of a sudden our attorneys started to insist we “rest”. When I said no, they were convincing us that their “special” witness, this Doctor that didn’t show up twice, was bound to show up the next week if we continued and that would mean trouble. 

I started to cry. I was telling them, “Why would it matter? She didn’t show up, she tells lies about resuscitating Julian; I don’t care about her, I want to keep going!”

But Dave’s attorney was like a bulldog and wouldn’t let up, convincing us to rest. Telling us that the older kids are going home, and if we rest, the judge said his plan is to send the younger 3 home the next week. The next thing we know our attorney was inside already and the court was already back in session.

We hurry in, and the Judge asks what we were going to do, and the attorneys answered that we were resting. I was dying inside; I wanted to yell out, NO! I DO NOT REST! But also scared to death of losing my kids. We had already lost them for the last 7 months, the lawyers had us convinced that it would only mean losing them even longer.  

The attorneys rested, and the Judge said he sustained counts B and J on Julian’s Left ear. Which makes NO sense, since BOTH ears were swollen at one point, and AV Hospital who treated the right ear AND the left ear for a few days NEVER accused us of abuse, because our pediatrician AND the hospital KNEW there was NO abuse. ALSO, since the Judge dismissed the Brain Bleeds, then I would think automatically the ear should have been dismissed as well, because DCFS interviewed us when he was at LAC USC the first day they put a hold on us, and they DISMISSED it! Stating that the Emergency DCFS worker spoke with us AND Julian’s pediatrician which corroborated what we had been saying all along, that his Doctor said it was an infection, NOT EVER abuse. Julian’s doctor sent Julian to LAC USC to get a pediatric specialist that wasn’t available to the Antelope Valley. This is a point we will bring up in appeal as well.

Anyway, it was done, we rested, and were adjourned. We went and picked up the older kids, we were SO HAPPY! Nick came via plane a few weeks later, and we decided to go ahead and let Sophie stay with her mom, since it was her only daughter, and we were planning in the next year to move to Tennessee as well. 

The next week, we show up to the disposition, where they decide your punishment basically. DCFS was NOT happy about the Judge dismissing everything else, that the older kids were coming home and that the younger kids were coming home. 

They (DCFS) wrote in their reports up to the very last day at the disposition, stating that “We were always uncooperative”.

Dave and I have been nothing but cooperative. DCFS just did not like being held accountable for their mistakes, and they didn’t like that they couldn’t make us sign a case plan, admitting we did something wrong. 

Dave made his attorney read a statement to the judge regarding DCFS’ report, especially that we have been cooperative, that we COMPLETED parenting classes (when we were not ordered too) and counseling (when we weren’t ordered to it).

The judge took that into account, and then stated that we will be involved with DCFS until January 2011, but that there will be a progress report in October.

And then he sent the little ones home. YAY! 

We met our new social worker a week or so after that. She was different than these other Social workers we were dealing with. We told her our story and what happened, and she was the FIRST and ONLY social worker to apologize for what happened to us. And couldn’t understand why it happened to us. She basically stated that she was going to request that DCFS terminate jurisdiction at the October Progress report. Thank GOD! 

In the meantime, Dave and I have filed an appeal on the B and J counts against us, because it doesn’t make any sense that the judge sustained those, and dismissed everything else. Dave has already received a letter from his appeals attorney. He said that he will receive the case and go over it, and then call him to go over things.

I cannot wait to talk to our appellant lawyers, and get these last two counts kicked off along with the rest of those ridiculous accusations.

We will update you all when we find out more.

Thank you for all your support!!!